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2-Way Audio Function

You can access the 2 way audio function from the Events tab. That is the tab where you normally watch your live and stored videos from a particular camera. In order to go to the Events tab from from anywhere in the app:

1. Click on the main menu icon on the top left form anywhere in the app.



2. The main application menu will be displayed. Click on "Watch" to get a list of your cameras.



3. A list of cameras will be displayed. Click on the camera that you want to watch.



4. You will be directed to the Events tab for selected Camera.

On the top part of the screen you will see live video streamed from the camera. Right below to the center you will find the "Hold to Talk" button. By holding this button you will be able to use the 2-way audio feature. 



5. You need to press and hold the button to send your voice across to the camera. Your voice will be sent to the camera as long as you keep holding the button. When you lift your finger, the audio will be interrupted. Co-centric circles will emanate from the button as long as you hold it as an indicator that your voice is being transferred to the camera. There might be some lag depending on connection speed.




Please let us know if you are still having issues.



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