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Watching Recorded Videos

In order to access your recorded videos, you need to go to the Events tab. That is the tab where you normally watch your live and stored videos from a particular camera. In order to go to the Events tab from from anywhere in the app:

1. Click on the main menu icon on the top left form anywhere in the app.


2. The main application menu will be displayed. Click on "My Cameras" to get a list of your cameras.


3. A list of cameras will be displayed. Click on the camera that you want to watch.


4. You will be directed to the Events tab.

On the lower half of the screen, there is a slider which lists snapshots of your events. You can swipe left and right to see the exact time the event was recorded and also the type of event (Sound, Motion, Face, Cry). You can click on the event to view the related video.


You can tap on the filter tab to launch the event filter panel. From there you can filter the types of events that you want to view.


You can also use the date selector, to go to a particular date. 




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