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Connecting Your Invidyo to a Different Wi-Fi Network

Occasionally, you might need to move your Invidyo camera to a new WI-FI network. Or you might have changed the password of your existing WI-FI network. In those cases, Invidyo will no longer be able to connect to your network and you will need to re-configure your camera. 

Invidyo obtains your Wi-Fi information from QR codes during setup. However, once the setup is complete, it stops scanning for QR codes to avoid accidental configuration. In order to update your Wi-Fi information, you will need to reset the Invidyo camera.

1. First, go the 'Events' screen of your camera and press the settings button which you may find on the top right corner of your screen.



2. Your camera settings menu will be displayed. Click "Change Wireless Network" to open that section. Click "Change Wireless Network". This will launch the configuration wizard.


3. First step of the wizard asks you to connect your mobile device to the new network that you want invidyo to connect to. Detailed information about this is given in the section Mobile Setup Guide. (Please note the differences between Apple and Android device setups.)


4. Once you connect your mobile device to the new network and switch back to the application, click "Continue". You will be presented with the WI-FI password screen. Please enter the password of the Wi-Fi network that you intend to connect your invidyo.


5. Now you need to reset your camera so that it can look for QR codes. Locate the reset button at the bottom of your camera. Just press the button for 2-3 seconds with a pencil or a pin. You will hear the camera say "Setup" and the LED light start blinking green as explained in the Mobile Setup Guide Sections.




Note: If you are using the older camera model, press and hold the reset button until you hear the camera say 'Please show QR Code'. The reset button is at the back of the camera. It is the button to the left (looking at the camera from the back) of the power on switch. 


6. Now follow steps 9-12 in the Mobile Setup Guide to generate and show your QR code to the camera and finish configuration for the new Wi-Fi.



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