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Camera does not say ‘OK’ when I show the QR code

There could be several reasons as to why your invidyo camera does not say ‘OK’ after successfully saying ‘setup.’

If your camera did not say ‘setup’ at all, please follow the article below:

Camera is not saying ‘Setup’ when I turn it on

The reasons for not saying ‘OK’ could be:

  1. You are either too far or too close for the camera to read the QR code.
  2. Your phone screen is too bright or dark for the environment you are in.
  3. There is a bright light behind the camera (like a bright window) reflecting from the phone screen.
  4. There is a bright light behind your phone (like a bright window) causing the phone screen to look dark.
  5. There are cracks on your screen or protector obscuring the QR code.

You can also try creating a QR code with a very short camera name as longer names and non-Unicode characters (like emojis) could make the QR code more complex and harder to read. You can always change the camera name later.

Please follow the link attached below as a reference point of how to effectively read the QR code.



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