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Camera is not saying ‘Setup’ when I turn it on

If your invidyo camera did not say ‘Setup,’ it simply means it is not scanning for a QR code. The mode where the camera scans for a QR code is called ‘Setup Mode.’

If this is your first time attempting a setup, wait until the camera finishes its initial rotation and press the reset button which is situated under the camera with a thin object (like a bobby pin) until you hear a chiming sound. It should take about 20 seconds.

This is a factory reset and the camera should say ‘setup’ in a minute after that.

If you have been successful with setup prior to this, you do not need to perform a factory reset. Press the reset button for 3 seconds and release to enable setup again.

If you think you might have missed the initial ‘Setup’ prompt, another way to find out if your camera is in setup mode is to check if there is a green light blinking once a second on the back of the camera.



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