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Camera is not recording even though I have an active subscription

There could be two reasons for the camera not recording even though your subscription entitles you for storage:

  • Audio or motion event detection is turned off. You can turn on event detection, or change sensitivity values from the camera settings (Gear icon on the live screen).

  • There is an issue with the temporary storage on your device. There are several troubleshooting steps to fix this:
    1. Make sure the SD card is in place. You can find the SD card under the lens when you rotate the lens upward. If it is in place, unplug your device, remove and put pack the SD card and plug your camera back in.

    2. If the above step does not work, factory reset the device with the SD card in place. To do this hold the reset button under the camera until you hear a chiming sound. You should hear the camera say "Set up" a minute after that. Note that this is different from a short press where you hear the camera say "Set up" without the chiming sound.

      After the camera is factory reset you will need to show the QR code again. To achieve this follow the steps in the following article:

      Connecting your camera to a different Wi-Fi Network

      After a factory reset, take care to use the same account the camera was originally set up with as the camera will move to the new account otherwise, and you will lose old data.

    3. If neither of these steps work contact customer support through or from within the app.




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