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Factory resetting a camera

Factory resetting an invidyo camera is rarely needed and should be done with care. A factory reset will remove all settings on the camera, but removal of data on the server side is conditional.

If the account that the camera was already setup with is used to setup after the factory reset, no data will be lost on the server side. This means all recorded videos, faces, etc. will be kept.

Setting up a camera using a new account after factory reset will move the camera to the new account running the setup process, removing it from the old account and deleting the data.

You can factory reset a camera by pressing the reset button under the camera with a thin object until you hear a chiming sound. The camera will reset to a default state and say ‘Setup’ a minute after that.

If you want to remove an invidyo camera from your account, you can achieve this from the app.

Note that a factory reset is different from pressing the reset button for 3 seconds and releasing to put the camera in “Setup Mode” to scan for a new QR.



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