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Local connection issue: Live video never plays locally, even though my phone is on the same network as the camera.

When playing live video, invidyo application first checks if it is on the same network as the camera and tries connecting to the camera directly. This ensure faster playback, with lower lag.


You can check if the current connection is local by tapping on live video. A house icon on the bottom left means local playback, and a globe icon means remote playback.


There are some cases when local playback is not possible:


1. Your phone is NOT in the same network as the camera or connected to a WiFi. Check your WiFi connection.

2. Your camera or phone is connected to a guest network which does not allow local access. Check the connected WiFi for your phone and your camera to make sure they are on the same network.

3. Access point isolation is enabled on your router/access point which prevents local connections between devices on your network. Check your router settings to make sure access point isolation is disabled.



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