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Notification Settings

Invidyo camera can detect:

  • Motion
  • Loud Sounds
  • Human Faces
  • Baby Crying
  • Temperature off-limits

You can configure whether invidyo should send you notifications in each of the above cases. Please be aware that these settings only change whether you will receive a mobile notification or not, they do not change whether the camera will detect and record the above events. To change event detection settings go to Section Event Detection Sensitivity

Also note that these settings are managed separately for each camera. For example, if you want to turn off Motion Detection notifications altogether, you need to configure this setting for each one of your cameras by visiting the settings page for each camera. Otherwise motion detection notification won't come from the cameras that you configured, but will continue to come from your other cameras.

These settings are managed separately also for each mobile device. For instance you can tell invidyo to send motion detection alerts to your phone but only send crying detection alerts to your partners phone. In order to achieve this, notification settings should be configured on each phone. 

To configure these settings, go to camera settings screen by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner of your "Events" tab.



Then expand the "Notifications" tab to configure notification settings.



Notice that if you turn on temperature notifications, you are presented with the options to set the limits of the temperature notifications. Notifications will only be sent you when the temperature readings are outside the limits that you specified.



The last setting on this page is the e-mail notifications. If you turn on e-mail notifications, you will receive and e-mail for each mobile notification that you receive on your mobile device. If you turn off this option, you will not receive any e-mail notifications.



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