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Turning Off Your Camera

From time to time you may want to turn off your camera. When the camera is turned off from the mobile app, you won't be able to watch live video and the camera won't be recording any events.


Your invidyo camera is fitted with a black privacy cover for added  feeling of security. 


Alternatively you can also use the on-off switch on the back of your camera.


In order to turn off your camera, go to camera settings screen by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner of your live viewing screen (EVENTS tab).



Then expand the "Turn Off Camera" tab. From here you can toggle the state of your camera. If your camera is turned on, the button will read "Turn Off" and vice versa.



Once you press the button you will be presented with a confirmation prompt. Once you confirm, your camera will be turned off until you turn it back on.



You can turn on your camera either by following the same steps as below or simply by going to the Live Video Page and clicking Turn On.




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