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Event Detection Sensitivity

You can change the sensitivity of event detection. There are 3 settings that you can configure:

  • Motion Detection Sensitivity
  • Sound Detection Sensitivity
  • Face Detection 

To configure these settings, go to camera settings screen by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner of your "Events" tab.



Expand the "Sensor Settings". You will see that you can set Motion and Sound Detection to 4 different levels whereas you can only toggle Face Detection on/off.


For each of the three values, setting the sensitivity level to OFF will result in camera ignoring these events. This means that the events will not be recorded and won't be available for future viewing.

Setting the motion detection sensitivity to higher levels means that the camera will start detecting less pronounced motion events for instance smaller objects moving in the field of view. If you set motion detection sensitivity to lower values only motion of bigger objects will be detected.

Similarly for sound detection, if you set the sensitivity to higher levels even faint sounds will trigger event recording. Whereas if you set the value to lower levels only very loud sounds will be detected.

If you turn off face detection, some features like stranger alarms and smile detection will not work. So please change this setting only if you have a specific reason to do so.




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